Welcome: Friends, Food, & Adventure

Hello. Welcome.

This is my blog. A haven for the random encounters one faces through life. I can be an obsessive planner sometimes but I don’t want to be like that with this blog. Of course there are some exceptions though…like different themed posts and the like. However, this blog will remain my blank canvas to color and adorn with whatever sparks my imagination. I hope that you will find it to be an interesting mix and hopefully all the effort put into this will reflect in the bigger picture.

I thought I would start this blog out with a post about my evening spent with close friends in Philadelphia.

Called “The City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia is a great place to go and relax. There is also so much to do. I adore New York City but when I want to unwind, I often find myself thinking of Philadelphia. I ventured off into Philly to meet with a few friends to celebrate one friend’s birthday. If you’re reading this, then Happy Birthday friend! And Happy Birthday to anyone else who happens to have been born on this day as well!

Walking around Philadelphia we encountered lovely architecture and some really cool stores. However for the evening, we headed to Spruce Street Harbor Park. It’s this cool area filled with trees, hammocks, and floating gardens. Tons of people go to relax and enjoy great food here while also taking in the breeze from the Delaware River. BUT, the best part about this park are the LIGHTS that hang from the trees. They make everything look so futuristic and magical at the same time. I’ll include a picture below as an example. It was my first time going here and apparently it’s mostly only decked out like this in the summer. So if you’re ever around Philly and want to visit this (which you really should), make sure you go during the summer!

Once we got here, I bought ice cream from S.S. Franklin Fountain. It’s this old fashioned ice cream and milkshake setup that my friends highly recommended to try. I ordered a doublescoop waffle cone with their Vanilla Bean and Honeycomb flavors. I have to admit, their ice cream was really creamy and the flavors were subtle and just perfect. I’ll definitely be getting ice cream from here again. We all sat at the edge of the boardwalk near the Seaport Museum and took in the surroundings. With live music from a nearby restaurant setting a relaxing mood, we enjoyed the sunset before heading home.

Great friends, good food, and a wonderful location are the perfect components to a memorable experience. I’m thankful for all of them. If anyone wants to share anything about a time when they’ve experienced a new food or a new place with friends or just by yourself, please don’t hesitate to comment below! I’d love to hear stories from other people. Thank you!


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