Relaxation & Rainy Days





To most today is gloomy since the sun is hiding behind its covers of cloud, but to me rainy days are full of introspection.

There’s something warm, comforting yet strange about them. I feel somber but touched with the slightest bit of light. Lately my life has been akin to a busy mess so I need days like these to relax and reflect. Following schedule after schedule, I’ve barely had time to sit down. However, the weather today really made me want to take a break. So as a relaxing exercise, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite rainy day habits.


  1. Cozy blankets, sweaters, or cardigans

There’s nothing better than just cuddling with your blankets or someone special on rainy days. Warmth is just so lovely in this case, isn’t it?


2. A warm drink

Whether it be tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or milk, any warm drink is simply soothing when it comes to unwinding. A hot drink just makes it feel like your insides are being hugged and this radiates throughout your skin. It makes sinking into fluffy blankets even more indulgent.


3. Candles

Candles are just something extra to help set a nice ambiance for relaxing. This specific candle was a purchase from a craft fair in a coffee shop. The candle smells like chocolate and honey. I love it so much because once the candle is used up, I can clean out the cup and use it.


4. A face mask

Any type of skin treatment: a foot soak, body oil, hair or face mask is just great. This doesn’t even have to be on a day when you are physically and mentally trying to take a break. However, I mentioned it here because it is relevant to how I relax. The face mask above is a sleeping pack from Etude House. Putting this mask on before going to bed will result in you awakening with wonderfully soft and moisturized skin.


Books are my FAVORITE way to relax. Life is tiring and when you need an escape from it, where better to turn than a multitude of universes and existences? Reading is so powerful just because it is a key into another world where you can get lost and escape from your life for a time; it’s an endless universe consisting of a plethora of galaxies.


6. Games

This is a screenshot from a game that I recently downloaded called Monument Valley. It’s a puzzle based game where you follow along a storyline. What I love most about the game is the breathtaking design and details in the art and gameplay. It’s a visual feast while also being ultimately soothing as you solve puzzles and listen to the sounds of nature and calming music. This is an example of a game that relaxes me but other board games and video games can prove to be soothing as well.

There you have it. Just a few essential things that help me relax. I was contemplating on whether I should mention my significant other or not but sometimes when I want to really relax, it is important to get some alone time. Just being with your thoughts undisturbed can be really empowering. I hope that others can sympathize with this feeling. Something else that I forgot to mention was how I like to take walks while it’s raining. The sound of rain hitting an umbrella and the splashing of puddles is ASMR heaven.

I’m curious, what are some ways you unwind?




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