Face Mask Review #1 SCINIC My Juicy Bottle & It’s SKIN The Homme


I haven’t been able to post for a while. Things can get hectic when you’re a university student. However I recently tried out two face masks from my previous haul. This will be the first review. The first mask in the review was for me while the second mask was specifically for my boyfriend. The review for that is from his perspective. Let’s begin!


SCINIC: My Juicy Bottle Mask (Aqua Ampoule)


Purpose: Contains hyaluronic acid and bamboo water extract to help relieve dryness and soften rough skin. It also contains cucumber and lotus extract! It increases skin’s moisture retention and aims to have it look dewy and healthy.

Packaging: I really like that this packaging was shaped like a bottle. It emphasized the whole this mask is “a drink for your skin,” which it actually was. The packaging was synonymous with the purpose of the mask.

Ingredients in Mask: Included in picture above

How to Use: Clean and tone face, then adjust mask to your face and let it rest 15-20 minutes. Peel off and gently pat skin to absorb serum. I usually leave mine on for a bit longer but everyone has their own preference.

Texture: This mask was a bit rough against my skin. Overall it felt like jelly though.

Amount of Serum: The mask contained A LOT of serum. So there was enough treatment for the skin. Honestly, I could have used the mask twice.

Fit to Face: This mask was really large for my face. However, I have a pretty small face. It didn’t really fit that well and I had to keep re-adjusting it to my face.

Moisturizing: This mask did an EXCELLENT job of moisturizing my skin. My skin was honestly quite supple for the next few days after using it. It kind of reset my skin for the week.

Scent: The mask had a pleasant scent. It kind of smelled like walking through a flower garden near a lake.

Overall Impressions: The mask could have fit better to my face but it got the job done. My skin was very happy with the level of moisture it received.


It’s SKIN: The Homme Double Shot Total Mask


Purpose: This is an all in one care mask with the purpose of giving men’s skin a healthy boost. It contains cypress and green tea extract to reduce inflammation and treat greasy skin. It also moisturizes the skin. There is also adenosine and niacinamide added to the mask to improve the elasticity of skin.

Packaging: The packaging was minimalistic and got to the point. It had a chic/masculine feel to it.

Ingredients in Mask: Included in picture above

How to Use: Clean and tone face, then adjust mask to your face and let it rest 10-20 minutes. Peel off and gently pat skin to absorb serum.

Texture: This mask was soft and smooth; it wasn’t rough at all.

Amount of Serum: The mask was DRENCHED in serum. My boyfriend didn’t like how wet it was since it was really cold as well once he put it on his face.

Fit to Face: The mask fit pretty well except for right around the upper lip area. I feel like this is a problem area for a lot of masks since the upper lip part of the sheet often slides down into your mouth.

Moisturizing: The mask helped even out my boyfriend’s skin and it left it moisturized and soft. He said that these effects led into the next day as well. His skin has a slight glow to it.

Smell: The scent was very clean and simple.

Overall Impressions: It was a good mask overall. My boyfriend described it as a kind of quick fix mask. However, he didn’t like just how soaked in serum it was. His personal preference is that he would not purchase this mask again because of the amount of serum it had.

I’m not going to be rating the masks and beauty products that I review since I feel that everyone is different. I feel a bit weird rating a mask. Therefore, I hope my thoughts here offer some helpful insight. I’m definitely going to try getting my boyfriend to review more products targeted for males; I feel like this is an area where not a lot of reviews exist. Until next time!






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