Did Someone Say Free Comics?

After asking around, I’ve realized that not many people know about Free Comic Book Day/ComicFest. Which is why I’ve decided to write this post. When it comes to local comic shops, there are two annual events that place: Free Comic Book Day & Halloween ComicFest. Free Comic Book day takes place on the first Saturday of May. You can go to participating comic book shops or libraries and collect free comics, buttons, and other freebies. Meanwhile, ComicFest takes place in October near Halloween. Stores typically have more Halloween/horror comics for this event. You can find more information about both events here:

Free Comic Book Day

Halloween ComicFest

If you have the chance to attend these events, please do! Depending on the store, some of them hold cool giveaways and also have food and prizes. One of my local comic shops hosted a little cosplay contest as well. For me this is the best thing about these two events, you could go from store to store and your experience changes.

Comment below if you’ve been to either of these events or are interested in attending them in the future.

My haul from this past Free Comic Book Day

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