Small Pleasures

I T ‘ S  A  N E W  Y E A R !

A new year is seen as a blank slate. A time to reevaluate our lives and pursue new dreams. However, in the highly commercialized society we live in today, life has become more focused on BIG achievements and the best, greatest, most, things. People think they would be happier by choosing a $300 dinner date over a walk through the park. When did we become obsessed with pursuing these greater pleasures?

It’s also not limited to simply that. We find ourselves seeking out rare and unique things, since if no one has it, we assume  it will make us happier. However, that’s a very small part of what happiness can be. This post was in part inspired by an excellent video I came across on YouTube. I encourage everyone to watch it.

I definitely feel that there needs to be a reevaluation of happiness and what it means to each individual. Why aren’t we able to appreciate the smaller things in life? Why must we look to others’ approval before determining our own happiness? With this new year in mind, I want to encourage and challenge everyone to focus more on the simple and free pleasures in life. In the end, it’s these small details and moments that make up our lives. Why should they not be given the attention they deserve? Although these pleasures may be simple, they carry the weight of a treasure far greater than we can imagine.

As an exercise, I’m making a list of seven things that enchant and overjoy me:

  1. Waking up to snow while being bundled in fluffy blankets
  2. How softly flowers caress your face when you smell them
  3. The sweet aroma of freshly brewed tea in the morning
  4. Burying my toes in the sand as waves wash over them
  5. Going to a farmer’s market or grocery shopping
  6. Reading
  7. Making food for the people I love

If you have any simple pleasures that you enjoy, feel free to share below!



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