Random Thoughts

An overwhelming sense of depression has been gripping into me lately.

I allude this to falling down a well, and constantly climbing up the slick sides before I realize that I’m falling back down. To be quite honest, self-help books and counseling rarely help. It is indeed nice for a friend to listen but deep down, I still end up feeling hollow. I recently came across something that discussed what the goals of life were. Three simple things, it said.

1. To do something           2. To be loved            3.To have something to look forward to

These three things seem very simplistic but when you think about it, they’re kind of right. We go looking for purpose in life, seeking it high and low because we want structure. We want to know that our life will mean something and wanting to leave a lasting legacy is what we strive for. Although, this does vary from person to person.

To love. This one is most important. Being in love or cherishing something comes with so many valuable lessons. You learn commitment, responsibility, compromise, and compassion. All of these enrich you as a person.

To have something to look forward to. It can be as small as relaxing in bed with a good book to treating yourself to a vacation. However, by having something to look forward to, you incorporate an aspect of hope into your life.

All three of these things have encouraged me to become more reflective. I constantly hear that life is this grand, vast adventure, but the more I travel through it, I realize that it is a creation. A building process. Therefore, it is okay for me to be down that dark well. After all, you cannot have light without dark. And hey, I’m not saying that depression is a good thing to have, I want to change our perceptions about it. Depression is tough but it should not be something that we choose to reject and hate simply because it hurts us. Instead, trying to understand and sometimes embrace it, can lead to a better end result.

In the end, we all can make it out of the well.


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