An Afternoon in Bushwick

It was a warm Sunday that I found myself in New York City. I’d heard a lot about Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, being the “hipster-chic” part of New York. So, I decided to spend my afternoon there. Driving to Bushwick was beautiful-there are so many colorful and artistic murals hidden all throughout the neighborhood.

I was with my significant other and a friend and after we parked we walked around. We didn’t really have any plans or specific places we wanted to stop. I think traveling like this is wonderful-keeping an open mind allows you to encounter unexpected places along your way.

The first of these was a free-spirited vintage clothing shop called Olly Oxen Free Vintage.

The shop also serves as a community hub-hosting yoga classes, concerts, workshops, and more. Walking in, you kind of get this vibe that you’re browsing through a friend’s insanely huge closet; it’s very welcoming and feels personal. There was also a puppy lounging by the door. 🙂


Everything at the store seemed to tell a story. There were a lot of gorgeous pieces hanging from the ceiling as well. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by for a personal and otherworldly shopping experience.



After walking for about half and hour-we came across a main street filled with eateries and shops. Two specific shops stood out to us and that’s because they both had to do with BOOKS!

Desert Island is a whimsical comic book shop whose front display immediately caught my attention. At first I thought it was a bookstore-bakery hybrid since the sign for the shop hung over a vintage bakery one. However, even though Desert Island doesn’t serve cake, I wasn’t disappointed when I walked in. ( I love cake, okay.)



The store carried a lot of niche comics-things that I’ve never seen before-anywhere. They carried serialized comics and indie magazines as well. There were also lots of publications that seemed to come from local artists’ work which is amazing. I also found out that they organize the annual Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival. This shop packs a punch-in the best way.


Okay, so literally like right door is another bookstore. This one had a completely different aesthetic-a darker and morbid one. Again, the exterior caught my attention.



Oh my Goodness, this bookstore is a dream. Quimby’s Bookstore specializes in alternative magazines, books, and zines. There was a ton of intriguing and artsy memorabilia throughout the premise. They even had taxidermied animals and insects. I ended up buying a book I’ve been wanting for a while as well as some Social Justice Kittens postcards. Yes, social justice kittens-there are no words for this.

My favorite part of the store was the reading nook in the back. If you ever stop by here, make sure to check out the clever camouflage of piping up on the wall behind the register. 😉

A Lovely Little Nook


We decided to end our day by stopping in a cafe. It just so happens that we found one on our way back to the car.

I have to say that Bearcat is an awesome name for a cafe. The neon sign at the door greets you into a very eclectic space. The back wall stands out from the rest of the cafe because of its’ vibrant green wallpaper. The menu served a variety of coffee and tea beverages. They also offered small plates of food-specialties of the establishment. The cafe had tons of natural lighting which made it an ethereal place to grab a bite while the sun set. AND THEY HAVE A GORGEOUS LOGO AND BUSINESS CARDS. (I have a habit of collecting business cards, all thanks to my significant other, a graphic designer.)


Black and green go so well together.
Smoked In-House Ricotta with Bread and Olive Oil
IMG_9738 (1)
Avocado Toast: Chevre. Sumac. Roasted Chickpeas.
-The serving plates are adorable-

Now this next item, I was really surprised by. I ordered a Turmeric Latte, also known as “Golden Milk.” It was sweetened with honey and they used Macadamia milk for added sweetness. This menu item comes as a surprise because it’s nostalgic. When I was younger, my mother would often make turmeric lattes for whenever anyone was sick. Turmeric is a strong spice-it’s also a known natural antibiotic. It’s anti-inflammatory and helps the body heal. I used to shun these turmeric concoctions my mom made since my younger self didn’t think a spice could taste good mixed with milk. But boy was I wrong-because this tasted out-of-this-world-good. You can slightly taste the turmeric but it blends well with the milk. All in all-this latte was quite enchanting. If there was more time, I would have ordered another one.


Golden Potion Magic Milk

I plan on making more turmeric drinks and accepting the “I told you so” look from my mom. Really, it was delicious. However, a word of caution, this was kind of an acquired taste, so if you try a turmeric drink and don’t like it, please don’t hate me…

That was my afternoon in Bushwick! Again, if you’re in Brooklyn, definitely visit this neighborhood.

You never know what you might find.

Sunset Drive




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